Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 tips for the Bull running (Part 2)

6 - Beware of the Bulls on their one.

For the Bulls it is their very first experience with people and noise. The most dangerous is the bull that is lost, either the bull than runs ahead of the herd that charge against the runners as well as the one the that lingers, as is usually because it has slipped and has been taken down from the herd. Bulls and oxen are easy to distinguish. The oxen are large, bony, older and shaven, and wear a cow bell.

7 - Respect Sheppard’s and benders

Sheppard are located behind the herd with their sticks, try to keep the herd compact and draw the attention of those who annoy, touch or referred to animals. The benders wait for the bulls in the ring to guide them into the bullfight corral.

8 - Do not Quote or Touch the Bulls

You can draw your attention and put yourself and other runners in unnecessary danger.

9 - Do not Follow the Herd once they have overtake you
The closure (encierro) is over for you. And especially do not call the attention of the bulls when you're behind them. The closure is to lead to the square, not to get them again in reverse.

10 - Do not Push or Create any Difficulties during the Race to other Runners.

You do not run alone, mind you. Avoid pushing and elbowing other runners (mozos)  Focus on the bull and run the best you can.

10 tips for the Bull Running (Part 1)

First of all there is to know that the bulls are very dangerous. A bull can kill you. Running with the bulls requires  to knowwhat´s the running itinerary, certain fitness level, coming to run havingrested and obviously, a little common sense. In addition to these four basicconditions, these following suggestions can be very helpful:

Itinerary Bull Running

1 – Find Out the Itinerary Layout before hand

If you want to run you have to access the itinerary before 7:30 am from the gates on the Plaza Consistorial (where the Chupinazo takes place).You mus stay at this plaza or at Santo Domingo´s Hill (Cuesta de Santo Domingo) until the police barriers will open. In that moment, you can place yourself at the point of the itinerary you have chosen to start the race. At 7:30 am all access will be closed and is forbidden to getout.

2 - Select in Advance the Section in which you will Run

Statistically, the most dangerous stretches of confinement are Alley-Plaza (where there have been eight of the fourteen fatal bull caughts) and the end of Santo Domingo, coming to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (three deads). Know also that the curve-Estafeta Mercaderes, where our balconies are located, should be taken from the right: the bulls slip andaffixed to the wall of the left, and more than one corridor has been caught offguard between herd and fencing.

3 - Choose your Clothes Carefully

Use comfortable clothes and shoes, and do not carry any packages with you. Backpacks,cameras and other objects are forbidden and be jeopardize your safety and thatof the other runners.

4 – Ask Advise to Experienced Runners.

The closure (encierro) poses a serious risk and overcrowding have made it even more dangerous. You learn to run after many years of practice.

5 -If you Fall, do not Get Up!

If during the race you hit the ground, do not get up until the whole herd has passed. If  you stay crouched and still, the bulls will pass by. Having that said, watchout for falls, as it is easy to trip and fall, especially in the days ofheaviest affluence of runners. In fact, most of the wounded are because of the contusions as they fall down. You have to go looking at the same time, forward, back and to the ground. Once you are already inside the herd, it is safer if you go attached to the bulls, which probably will any other runner in front will bother you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bull´s Fair Poster 2012

Colombian artist Diego Ramirez Ramos, born in Cali, is the author of the poster announcing the Bull Fair 2012. The poster is a personal request from the Casa de Misericordia (Mercy House) in Pamplona, who´s since 1922 is the organizer of the San Fermin bullfighting festival, renamed in 1959 as the Bull´s Fair.

Colombian artist knew the San Fermin Festival as in 2009 he exhibited his works in Pamplona. The Casa de la Misericordia (Mercy House) will sell 2,000 copies large sized (3 euros) and 3,500 medium-sized (2 euros). As a new idea, this year they have prepared 500 copies laminated in the medium size in order to retainingthe colours of the poster for a longer period of time.