Wednesday, October 1, 2014

San Fermín Txikito Festival

This weekend was difficult to walk around Pamplona! Yesterday hundreds of parents with their children, came to watch the Giants and Big Heads. There are many families with children who decide to take their holidays during the San Fermin Festival (July) and run away from the crowds, so this is the perfect time for their children to enjoy the music and dance of the Giants and their entourage as in during the real San Fermin Fiesta. 

In Basque language, Txiki means . So San Fermin Txikito is the San Fermin Festival concentrated just on a weekend. Imagine the ambiance as for this  year, 127 activities were scheduled. 

San Fermín Chiquito is held at this time of the year because is close to the martyrdom dates of the Saint Fermin, the anniversary of which was Thursday July 25. But we will talk more about this in another post.