Monday, June 23, 2014

The Running of the Bulls: The BIG SHOW

450 million people, that is exactly the potential audience worldwide during the Bull Run. The telecast in RTVE (Spanish tv) reaches 100 million households in 200 countries around the globe. 

Mercaderes/Estafeta Corner

It is the most watched and crowded Festival of Spain. From 6 to 14 July, Pamplona multiplies by 8 its 200,000 inhabitants (the weekend are over two million), many of them foreigners. 3,000 people pile up to run the 850 meters of the daily running of the bulls, but it is said that only 200 of them will really run in front of the bulls. Nowadays American and Australian Governments warn about the dangers of participating in the crazy Running of the Bulls. If you want to enjoy in a safe manner and participate in the joy, rent a balcony. Especially in the curve of Mercaderes and Estafeta St. where the Dead Man Corner is known and all the most important journalists are located. 

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