Monday, June 23, 2014

Pedro Armestre

On July 7 takes place the first Bull Run Pamplona. The photographer Pedro Armestre created last year´s “San Femin Greatest Picture” under a very special & warm light illuminating  the Running of the Bulls and taking the advantage of having the overlooking perspective from a rent balcony situated in Mercaderes St overlooking Estafeta St.

In social networks it was published as "possibly the best photo of San Fermín in this century" ..
The photograph was born in the photographer´s (works for AFP agency) three years ago. He had forgotten his backpack on the street (where the international journalists have granted to stay) and a young lady located on the same curve that where our balconies are situated, the curve of Mercaderes St with Estafeta St. on the famous Dead Man Corner saw his backpack, went to the street to pick it up and bring it to him. From that moment on, he decided he had to find his way to rent a balcony in our corner. He express himself clearly: "Since this happened I had the photograph in my head: 'I have to get that balcony' ... and for the result, we are happy to say that he did.

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