Friday, June 20, 2014

Keith Baumchen

Keith Baumchen, better known by his friends as The Bomber, became one of the most illustrious visitor from the United States attending San Fermin Festival more than 40 years .  Unfortunately he died last year at the age of  65 after failing to overcome a serious illness which have him struggling for months.

This California resident in Garmisch (Germany) and tireless traveller, was one of those Americans who never missed the appointment of the Opening Ceremony (Chupinazo) every July 6. Following Hemingways footsteps, he and other famous "touristy" as Joe Distler, Matt Carny, Jesse Graham, Chris Humphrey, Noel Chandler or Davy Crockett (descendant of the legendary hero of the Alamo) arrived to Estafeta St decades ago and decided to run every single time in the same place.
Bomber used to say that for him, the nine-days of San Fermin Festival were "a gift and a celebration of life," and claimed that from the very first time he visited Pamplona, he had never known another place where you will breathe the same festive atmosphere than at San Fermin.

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