Monday, June 23, 2014

The International Press Center in San Fermín

The International Press Center in San Fermín began as a private initiative thirteen years ago. It´s responsible for meeting the needs and providing all kinds of support to information professionals come to Pamplona from anywhere in Spain and abroad, during the days leading up to San Fermin Festival and more intensely during the nine days of festivities. Currently receives support from the Government of Navarra and Pamplona City Hall.

Since 2000, IPC (International Press Center) has focused their work mainly focused on addressing and helping journalists around the World during the San Fermin Festival. In addition, they are offered a writing place so they can develop their work as well as all kinds of assistance they could need, from helping them to locate the different spots and spaces, main protagonists of the festival, access to the main events such as the fantastic place in the Dead Man Corner to take the best pictures (they are just beneath our feet), bullfight tickets, accreditations for the Chupinazo (Operning Ceremony), the Pobre de Mí (Closing ceremony), etc. .

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