Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eduardo Buxens

Eduardo Buxens, a Diario de Navarra photographer, has been awarded with the first prize at the Professionals First International Running of the Bulls Photography Contest
The decision taken by the jury was among all the photographs taken at the San Fermin 2011, and has been established in several categories, distributing them according to the stages of the running with the bulls. .
The different snapshots submitted presented different live moments of the Running with the Bulls witthing the runners and the bulls during the run to the Bullring.

In the picture, a bull´s horn is going through of the runners t-shirt at the moment when he is falling down while other two runners are already on the ground. Also, you can see on the cobblestones a paper with San Fermín´s image and the lyrics of the traditional song that all the runners sing to the saint before the Running of the Bulls starts.

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