Thursday, June 19, 2014

San Fermin Events: 443

This year´s San Fermin festival will have 443 events, approximately one every half hour, with a central idea: emphasize the positive image of the San Fermin Fiesta based on emotions. The complete program includes 320 music events (concerts, festivals, music bands, the fanfare or dance festivals), 76 events for families and children, 30 bullfighting, 9 institutional events and 8 Rural Sports demostrations. 

The traditional events will remain the Chupinazo (Opening Ceremony), the running of the bulls, the religious procession, the Vespers and Eighth mass or bullfightings; the new improvements & developments come from changes in the itinerary & schedule of the fire bulls in their special running of the bulls, the new emplacement for the Jazzfermín to the Sarasate Walk,  and the new feature for children, their own bull running.

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