Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Places to Relax during the San Fermin Festival Experience

If you want to get out of the madness of the Running of the Bulls, the crowd and relax a bit during your San Fermin Festival experience but do not want to get too far away from Pamplona and yet again, you want a place to relax you must visit, Aqua Relax in Pamplona. You will find bubble beds, circular showers, hydrotherapy ponds, aromatherapy treatments... all you need to say goodbye to stress. All kind of Thermal Centres for reset your body and mind.

Itaroa Cube

The name of the place is Itaroa Cube: An urban spa with 7 indoor and outdoor heated polls only 5 minutes away fromPamplona. The hydrotherapy circuit includes water beds, footbath area, spa area with steam room and dry sauna, relaxation area with heated beds, a shower temple and various cubes designed for relaxation: salty cube, iced cube, flower petals & essences cube and warm cube.
It´s only 5 minutes away by car and if you want to go by bus, you can find one each 30 minutes.

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