Monday, June 23, 2014

Hemingway´s Rute in Pamplona

Plaza del Castillo: Bar Txoko, Iruña Café and Hotel La Perla. Nowadays the unique 5 stars hotel in Pamplona. After receiving the Nobel Prize he used to stay in this hotel (it was a hostel at that time) as its balconies overlook the street Estafeta, one of the main streets in the Running of the Bulls itinerary. Their balconies are in the same height as ours. You can access the hotel restaurant through Estafeta  St but during the San Fermin Festival you have to enter through Plaza Castillo, where the main entrance to the Hotel is located (The restaurant chef is Alex Múgica).
Café Iruña. Plaza del Castillo

Paseo de Sarasate: Hemingway used to eat the restaurant "The Potxolas"; but unfortunately doesn´t exist anymore. In its place nowadays you will find one of the nicest places in Pamplona to have hot chocolate with “churros” . Other popular place where you can find them is in Estafeta St, close to the Dead Man Corner where our balconies are located.  
Avenida San Ignacio: Hotel Yoldi. Remains exactly as in the old times. Is one of the main headquarters of the matadors that attend the bullfight ring every afternoon.  
Eslava Street # 5: Is a really old hostel and very economic. He used to stay there is his early years attending the San Fermin Festival when his financial resources were scarce.

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