Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dolores Aguirre Livestock has already arrived to Pamplona.

Dolores Aguirre bulls are already installed in the Gas corrals (the corrals where all the bulls are gathered before being guided to the Santo Domingo Corrals the previous night of their Running with the Bulls that in this case will be on July 8 and in that evening will be the main protagonists in the Bullfight.  

The eight bulls weigh between 479 and 595 kilos and they are all black. Each Livestock, at the moment that arrive to Pamplona, they must leave their bulls in different compartments among the Gas Corrals.  
It tradition in Pamplona to go down to the Corrals to see the bulls through special glasses (the bull won´t see the people so it doesn´t get nervous).The access is through a hill close to the Town Hall. All you have to do is go downhill (about 10 walking minutes). Admission is € 3 and children accompanied by adults don´t have to pay.

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